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Delivery of customers’ cargo to the destination is only part of our job and Pacific always ensures that the cargo is delivered in the same conditions as it is received. Each cargo that is packed for export by Pacific is being transported with the highest level of care. Our expertise in packaging is among our most-valued services, for which our customers can feel assured that their cargo will be delivered to the destination under the highest levels of security and sensitivity. The issue of security is another important aspect which is treated by insuring the cargo by the Pacific company. Our company maintains strong connections with the insurance companies as well as customs departments. Our contracts enables us to offer enhanced services and insurance, with the options to cover cleaning and repairing of 20/40-foot containers by the Pacific.

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Informing: Information regarding storing and using of products, shipment and their disposal is printed on packages or is affixed to them by labels. All food, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical packaging products must comply with international standards and in some cases comply with committee/regional/international regulations; such as the FDA or IMDG. Safety – Packaging plays a fundamental role in keeping the health of the cargo – reducing its deterioration risk. It is conceivable that cargo packed with more resistant material works better towards reducing any possible damage, including theft. Packages can be organized to reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized access to the goods. The texture of some packaging stuff contains insulation materials, in order to prevent any unauthorized access to the contents. Moreover, some have seals to prevent its opening or theft . The packages can also contain tools alarm tools or RFID tags. Convenience – Packages should have features to make them easy to distribute, transport, display, open, close, resell, and reuse. In a different context, packaging may also refer to a set of integrated systems whose target is to prepare goods for transportation, distribution, storage, sale and consumption. Packaging is a complex, dynamic, scientific, artistic business operation that, in its most basic form, involves a set of functionalities regarding protection, maintenance, transportation, information and sales. Such a service cannot exist by itself, as it requires a product to incorporate. Packaging would be meaningless of no product exists.

Appropriate quality Compatibility of packaging material with the product Environmental requirements (especially in terms of safety) Compatibility with the environment Protection against mechanical damage during distribution and storage Types of packaging Packaging have different varieties. For instance, a transfer package or distribution package is a type of packaging used to ship and move around the store. In some cases, packages are classified as primary, secondary or tertiary, based on their available number of layers and functionality. Primary packaging is often the smallest usage or distribution unit and is the first layer – immediately enclosing the product – in its contact. Secondary packaging is placed outside the primary packaging which can be used for grouping primary packages. Tertiary packaging is used for marine shipment and bulk distribution.